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Transforming unsolicited customer opinions into insights on brand awareness & perception, customer sentiments, brand loyalty, and more.Transforming unsolicited customer opinions into insights on brand awareness & perception, customer sentiments, brand loyalty, and more.

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Identify the persona of people talking about you and segment and analyze them based on their online initiatives and activities.

Key Groups Identified

⛥Customers ⛥Employees ⛥Industry Experts ⛥Investors ⛥Others

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Understand the motive behind comments or discussions and measure them on predefined parameters.

Key Discussion Drivers

⛥ Complaints ⛥Appreciation ⛥ Unmet Needs ⛥Product/Service Queries ⛥ Others

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Track the sentiments reflected in social conversations and evaluate them to understand how your brand is perceived.

Key Perception Categories

⛥Positive ⛥Negative ⛥Neutral ⛥Advocacy ⛥Loyalty

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Segregate the conversations based on discussion attributes and analyze them further for actionable insights.

Key Topics of Conversations

⛥Promotion ⛥Product ⛥Experience ⛥Technology ⛥Event

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Identify the preferred conversation platforms for discussions that are happening and evaluate them for brand significance.

Key Platforms

⛥Twitter ⛥Instagram ⛥Facebook ⛥Forums ⛥Blogs

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Unveil the triggers of social conversations and track the awareness trend over a period of time.

Key Conversation Triggers

⛥Campaigns ⛥Crisis ⛥Post-sale ⛥Pre-sale ⛥Event



A Refreshing
Take on
Social Media Conversations

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Cast wider net for everything

We help you listen to chatter from all social media channels and bring them together to build more accurate context for your brand.

Technology meets human validation

Our proprietary framework works through structured and unstructured data and the output is validated by human analysts for accuracy and relevance.

See and not just listen

We track images, emoticons, and gif files used to express emotions and combine it with text conversations for comprehensive analysis and insights.

Sell and not just market

Identify key trends and sales opportunities from social conversations and capitalize on them through customized outreach plans.

Visual reports for quick review

Get highly customized and visual dashboards validated by domain experts for relevance, accuracy, and value for our clients.

Take away insights out of chaos

We identify relevant conversations from social chatter and identify key people and their conversations for rich insights that drive action.

Who you listen to, when, and how can impact your strategic decisions

To Get a trial run with our IMPACT framework team for your brand.