A Bit About Us

We are the social media research and analytics services unit of our parent brand InfoVision – a digital transformation partner to Fortune 500 companies for 23+ years.

We carry forward the legacy of InfoVision by delivering custom solutions that impact the quality of your strategic decisions and improve media ROI. Our job is to help you make the most of your PR spends!

What’s Different
About Us

We want to help you understand your customers, products, and industry better. So, we use proprietary frameworks that have been tested across multiple industries and complex media milieus.

We add human validation over the tool generated results to make sure you get intelligence and not just information.

What We Do

We provide comprehensive media intelligence that transforms marketing, brand image, customer service, research, sales, and product innovation.

We work with structured and unstructured social media data and generate actionable business insights to add value to your decision making. Our customized metrics will point out drivers around social conversations for a particular product, brand, competitor, and industry.

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Finance

  • Airlines

  • High Tech

  • manufacturing

  • Retail

Our Brand Promise

Transform media information into business relevant intelligence to improve the quality of your strategic decisions and their impact on the business bottom-line.

Our Team

We have a diverse group of people coming together for a common goal – to deliver value to our clients.

We combine passion of the youth with advice of the experienced in every single engagement. Our practice is monitored by industry pioneers and our deliveries are managed by domain experts.

The common thought that runs through the team is that:
“If your goal is not met then our job is not done…yet!”