Android 10 Gets A Classified Launch: Signs of Exciting Times Ahead

Posted On : 04 September 2019

Infovision Social

• Google’s Android 10 gets official rollout for Pixel phones.
• Features of Android 10 spike social media conversations to 3K+ within a little over 24 hours from the time of announcement.
• Google’s official tweet got a total engagement rate of more than 19K.
~ Infovision Social

#Innovation and upgrades are the mantra in today’s world of #competitive #business and all #corp giants seem to swear by it. Moving along this trend, #tech giant Google has recently announced the launch of Android 10 for Pixel users. The tech behemoth, on September 3rd, officially began a classified roll out of #Android10 update, exclusively for the #Pixel users, around the world.

After testing the beta version for months, Google plans to initially provide the updated #android #interface only to Pixel users. However, conjectures from industry insiders raise hopes that the updated #Android version will be made available to other phones as well.

The news of #Google’s Android 10 rollout sparked 3K+ conversations, within a time span which was a little over 24 hours, from the time of announcement.

People who were not Pixel users commented that they would like to see other #smartphones upgrading to Android 10. OnePlus users were eagerly sharing the tweet from #OnePlus, officially announcing the Android 10 Beta update for the OxygenOS users.


Our social media conversation analysis showed that most of the people were comparing the latest Android version with the previous versions. A few #iPhone users expressed their curiosity about the updated Android interface. The Pixel users shared their #experience of the new interface and appreciated Google’s initiative. Google’s tweet through its official handle, featuring how Android 10 is different from rest of the versions got a total engagement rate of more than 19K.


However, there were a few people who mentioned that there was room for integration of other advanced settings such as controlling third party tracking and more.

Our Voice of Customer analysis revealed that a large part of the conversations revolved around common themes like:
•     Gesture Navigation
•     More Dark Mode
•     Accessibility Features
•     Improved Security Settings
•     “Bubbles” notification feature on the home screen for calls and messages
•     A Live Caption tool that creates on-the-fly transcriptions for audio

A few people enquired about the availability of dark mode for Gmail, Hangouts, and Playstore. Google patrons also shared the #firstlook of Android 10 after updating their Pixel #phones.

Our interest analysis showed that the top interests of social media buzz drivers ranged from technology to business and sports.


Our analysis of Twitter conversations further revealed an interesting pattern. The posts made by people from technical professional backgrounds like software developer and IT gained more traction in #socialmedia. This underlines the greater credibility people from tech backgrounds have when it comes to technology news. This was followed by people holding positions of journalists and executives.


Android 10 is also where Google breaks away from the tradition of using a public dessert name for the version. It also includes other interesting features like app timers, support for streaming audio to hearing aids, Focus mode etc.

All in all, the announcement of the Android 10 version packed with features signals at an exciting time that lies ahead in the world of smartphones and #AndroidOS.