Apple Launches New iOS 13 Platform To Entice Consumers

Posted On : 02 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference, held in San Jose on Monday, became the stage for the previewing of Apple’s latest iOS software, iOS 13. A key draw of this new interface is that, it will help users switch all the Apple apps, to a darkened color scheme, which is eye catchy.

The new launch helped the brand garner around 36K volumes of conversations in a span of one week, from the United States alone. Conversations boomed on the day of the conference, that is, Monday 03, June 2019.

Discussions on social media channels were seen mostly relating to the new offering by Apple. Some tweeted, retweeted about the same piece of information, tagging their friends and family. Out of all the social media platforms, Twitter (95%) was the most widely used one, followed by blogs and forums(4%).


Most of the tech giants took this opportunity to speak about the eagerly awaited #iOS13 dark mode. Experts also shared videos of the new features of the latest iOS like improved performance, reduced app download size, new advanced maps, etc. Gamers and few others were seen expressing their excitement about the new improved platform which will enable the usage of Xbox and PS4 (@PlayStation) controllers on iPhones. Post were seen by YouTube stars like Desi Perkins speaking about the brand’s new software through memojis which again got high engagement (344K views, 3,334 Retweets, 19,157 Likes, 242 Replies).

 #WWDC19 event was thus a big hit as it helped the launch of the new software to garner enough attention, across the globe. They also felt WWDC 2019 keynote was one of the best in tech industry and shared summaries of that.