Godzilla Growls And Howls its Way Into Cinemas This Summer!

Posted On : 02 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Photo Credit :Godzillamovie

Godzilla: King of the Monsters, an American fantasy sci-fi film is here again this summer to enthrall cine-goers. It’s a successive installment of the 2014 blockbuster, Godzilla (@GodzillaMovies).
The franchise has its own share of loyal viewers who kept the social media space afloat, with a lot of buzz, surrounding round the movie, even prior it its release. Conversations on this topic garnered volumes of around 206K, during the last week of May. The initial conversations started a few days before the movie was released.
Twitter (84%) was the most dominant among all the social media channels, followed by YouTube (8%) and a few other forums and blogs (6%). People also kept the social media space posted about the most #interesting #scene after they watched the movie. Fans were seen talking about the release dates, movie reviews. Few also compared the Godzilla (2014) movie with the latest one and shared their opinions. Updates on the social media relating to their #favorite #scenes and about watching movie with their friends were seen.


An #Xbox contest, centered around the movie, requesting people to retweet and win a Xbox, garnered high engagement (334K views, 36,399 retweets, 16,030 likes and 1.7K replies). To create greater buzz, few brands also came up with commercials, on Haruo Nakajima, the man who embodied #Godzilla in all the initial movies. Some people opined that they were thrilled to watch the action filled scenes . Hashtags like #Godzilla, #Godzillakingofthemonsters, #Godzillamovie #Godzilla2 drove the higher engagement.
Posts related to posters, Godzilla merchandised products, people requesting their friends to watch Godzilla movie were also seen. Individuals also compared the weekend collections of Aladdin, Rocketman with Godzilla to claim the box office title.
Users pointed out that this seems to be in-line with the new strategy, being followed by Microsoft, which has recently started building alliances with large enterprises. This win-win partnership led to the initiation of a new trend and also grabbed the attention of the entire tech industry.