Impossible Whopper Now in San Francisco Too

Posted On : 11 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Another joyous moment for the rapidly growing alternative meat movement. Burger King, the US fast food giant, on Monday, announced that it is going to launch Impossible Whopper in more than 100 stores across the San Francisco Bay area. The launch is in line with Burger King’s (@BurgerKing) strategy to make the plant-based protein laced Impossible Whooper available nationwide by the end of the year.

The news announcement led to a surge in conversation volumes on #socialmedia, as more than 300 conversations were recorded within a very short span of time. Netizens expressed their excitement to try out the new Impossible Whopper. A few recommended their friends to try it out at a nearby store. A few opined that #BurgerKing is rolling out the new vegan burger loaded with GMO’s.

Industry experts were seen sharing the ingredients while some financiers were interested in the commercial aspect. They pointed out that introduction of the Impossible Whopper had surged the sales numbers for Burger King. People who had already tried the Impossible Whopper shared their experience of it.


Major news outlets like, engadget (@engadget), CNN Business (@CNN Business) CNET (@CNET) etc., brought attention to the news which then gathered steam. Twitter was the most dominant social media platform used to share thoughts and experiences of Impossible Whooper.

In all, Burger king was able to generate considerable proportion of positive buzz around the announcement of #Impossible Whopper in San Francisco Bay area.