Innovative Coalition For Cloud Platform Between Microsoft and Oracle

Posted On : 06 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Microsoft and Oracle, the two software behemoths have announced a collaboration for cloud integration platform, which would enable customers to run enterprise workloads across Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. The innovative services of Microsoft Azure like #analytics and #AI is deemed to be connected with the Oracle cloud services.
Huge proportions of conversations were seen across the globe, within few hours of announcement of this latest consortium between the two tech giants, Microsoft and Oracle. Top executives of Oracle (@Oracle) and Microsoft (@Microsoft) tweeted about this move, describing it to be a prosperous #interconnection, and would enable customers to have greater ease of doing business. Twitter dominated the conversation channels with a 78% share, retweets of the tweets by relevant industry experts like @scottgu, @Oracle, @TechCrunch, etc.


Few social media users also spoke about the capabilities of this partnership, which would include, unified identity and access management, connecting #Azure and #Oracle #cloud space, seamlessly. The new consortium would have deployment of custom applications and few others.
Most of the tech experts like @DenisPombriant, @TechCrunch published articles explaining the advantages of this strategic move by the two tech brands. Some were seen christening this #tech alliance as ‘holy’, few showering heaps of praise, calling this, a futuristic deal.
Users pointed out that this seems to be in-line with the new strategy, being followed by Microsoft, which has recently started building alliances with large enterprises. This win-win partnership led to the initiation of a new trend and also grabbed the attention of the entire tech industry.