Netflix Teases Homecoming: Gets Beyoncé Fanbase Talking & Speculating

Posted On : 08 April 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Netflix caught the attention of Beyoncé fans – the beehive – and the music industry with the launch of a teaser titled ‘Homecoming’, a documentary on the American songster's life. No more information apart from the April 17 launch date was released by #netflix.

The teaser launch created a huge buzz on social media after a single tweet at 6 AM (UTC) on April 7th revealed the program’s launch date. Beyoncé fans soon started conjecturing that the upcoming @netflix project, ‘Homecoming’ shall feature ‘behind the scene footage’ of @beyonce’s enthralling performance at Coachella Valley Music Fest ‘18.


Social media platforms saw diverse conversations circling around this topic. Some fans claimed to have found a match between the font and color theme of the teaser image with that of Beyoncé’s @Coachella performance in 2018. Many were convinced that if Netflix has posted something with zero context, then it has to be behind the scenes footage of Beyoncé’s #Coachella performance from last year.

Discussions of substantial proportions were also seen around the Adidas partnership, where Beyoncé will be a creative partner for the brand and will develop new signature footwear. Some Beyoncé fanatics even tweeted that if the Homecoming project was not about Beyoncé, they might even unsubscribe from Netflix.