Pizza Hut’s New Flip To Its Pan Pizza

Posted On : 31 May 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Pizza Hut, the American restaurant chain, specializing in Italian cuisine, is giving a face-lift to their iconic offering, the famed Pan Pizza. The company announced on Tuesday (28th May) that its "Original Pan Pizza" is being completely revamped, with plans of including a new cheese blend, sauce to present the Italian staple in an all new garb, in front of its customers.

The news of remodeling of the old pan pizza by Pizza Hut garnered plethora of attention from the social media community. Social media was thrown into a tizzy, with people expressing their excitement to try out the new variant of the brand’s pan pizzas. The promise of the new pizzas, having a crispier crust and the launch of a new sauce to go with the same, caught the fancy of the social media fraternity.


Some people mentioned about having already tried out the new pizza, and shared their experience about it. Quite a few liked the fact that it is not very thick, while some were pleased by the crispiness quotient. Among some of the brand loyalists who wasted no time to lay their hands on the new pizza, felt like there's more topping and less bread, thus ringing in more cheer for the new innovation, brought in by the brand. Some were seen showering heaps of praise on the new sauce as well.

Few were also noted referring it to be a ‘Kid Pizza’. With conversations around the new offerings from #Pizzahut gathering steam on the social media domain, needless to say, comparisons with other similar brands like Domino’s and Jet’s Pizza were not far behind, on the conversation index of this news. All in all, the new initiative by Pizza Hut has been, so far, welcomed with open arms by the netizens.