Salad Frosting: Kraft’s Unique Way to Get Kids to Eat Healthy

Posted On : 12 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Kraft Heinz, the third largest food and beverages company in North America, has introduced an innovative “Salad Frosting” technique that would get kids to eat more vegetables. Kraft stated that, instead of simply asking kids to eat salads, or pretending that the age-old condiment bears the hallmark of a dessert staple, Kraft has introduced “Salad Frosting”.

#Socialmedia picked up the buzz as soon as the launch was made public. Within a short span of 24 hours, 500+ conversations were recorded.

A lot of people were impressed with the company’s idea of an attractive salad frosting since kids love everything that is frosty. A few industry experts pointed out that it was a very smart marketing strategy by Kraft to attract moms and dads who are looking for ways to feed healthy salads to their kids.


Social media users also appreciated the fact that Kraft presented the product as ranch dressing in the promo video while introducing the ingredients. A few opined that it might not work since kids these days are smart. Few tweets also pointed out that the name of salad frosting originated from James Breakwell, who tweets a lot of #funny #parenting stuff.

There were a lot of parents who shared their excitement and eagerness to try out the new salad frosting for their kids.

Major news portals like CNN(@CNN), FOX29 (@FOX29philly), Lifehacker (@lifehacker) were the ones who made the story viral. Report from CNN news announcing the introduction of salad frosting product was the most retweeted post on Twitter.

Twitter was the most dominant social media platform.