Coke Offers a Medley for Mixologists

Posted On : 06 June 2019

Dyuti Homroy


Coke, the global carbonated drink manufacturing giant, has launched its “Make Your Mix” contest, earlier this week. In this contest, participants are required to post on their Twitter or Instagram handles, a photo with description of a drink recipe using the hashtag #MakeYourMixContest, using Coke’s Freestyle Machines. Of course, the brand has an impressive prize money, to be won by the most innovative drink concoction.
The contest, to go on till 30th June, has witnessed good response in the first two days, where customers were seen sharing pictures of their particular meddled up soft drink, combining a broad spectrum of liquids including raspberry crush, lemon extract etc. The contest helped the brand, garner substantial volumes of conversations and created enthusiasm among the audience.


Posts were seen by different stakeholders like customers, industry experts, publication houses, showing their excitement about the latest contest. The contest, run through the Coke Freestyle Machine, led many brand loyalist to demand for a #Coke freestyle machine, to be lodged in their work places and colleges. People came up with different combinations of coke with flavors like orange, vanilla, Sprite, lime, Fanta, etc. Some also suggested names for the mix they made like Raspberry limeade, Sriracha, Fanrite, Caramel Latte Coke and so on. Few customers also shared the pictures of the #freestyle machine.
In all, this contest has so far, helped Coca-Cola (@CocaCola), generate lot of enthusiasm among the people, and also helped garner good #socialmedia engagement for the brand.