Digital Audit

The tool-based analytics market has given a lot of real time data. But how you measure this data and interpret it is what really matters. This is where our digital audit services brings value.

Our source agnostic digital audit can help:


gaps in your

digital experience


focus areas for your

strategy and efforts


the true performance

of your digital assets

Digital Analysis Process

We assess the KPIs that you measure and compare them against the online and social search patterns to identify the blind spots. Based on this assessment, we recommend the right metrics and design a tracking process in your tool to align to the digital trends as well as your strategic goals.

Audit 1

Stage 1: Audit

Engage 2

Stage 2: Engage

Evaluate 1

Stage 3: Evaluate

Stage 1:


The purpose of this stage is to discover what’s working and what’s not working for you. Your customers are speaking through digital data footprints. They expect you to listen to this data, understand it and communicate back through personalized digital experiences.

So, we start by aligning the current Business Goals and KPIs with User Intent. We then understand the tracking mechanism that has been set up and its nuances. We review all your digital assets for metrics and document how these measurements compare to your existing objectives. We also do the “Delta Analysis” of your experience versus the user expectation.

If your objectives need to be upgraded to meet evolving business landscape, then we help you with that as well.

Stage 2:


As next step, we help you determine what you need to measure to understand the real performance of your digital assets. We design a tracking mechanism to capture these custom metrics from relevant sources and collate them in a uniform format. We set up dashboards to visualize how your digital assets are performing and benchmark against the goals.

Additionally, we design and run campaigns based on data and undertake A/B testing to arrive at the best possible option for your business. These evidence-based campaigns enhance conversions and stickiness which in turn improve marketing ROI.

We create, manage, deliver, and track content across your digital channels and leverage the data to optimize your content strategy to suit your customer’s needs. We create compelling content which drives your brand communication to the hilt.

Stage 3:


Once the tracking system is implemented, we help you drive it seamless by setting up checks and balances. We walk you through the dashboards and what they mean for your business. Critical digital insights are highlighted and strategic recommendations are made.

We perform continuous measurement of customer behavior across channels and dimensions including channel usage, feedbacks & complaints, VOC, etc. to derive actionable insights and drive customized experiences which resonate with your customers.

We deliver relevant and actionable insights that will bring you closer to meeting your objectives.

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