Comprehensive media intelligence from print, digital, and social media

We offer comprehensive multilingual analysis of how your media communications are influencing your business bottom-line. Get a holistic view of the impact of your PR efforts on your brand reputation across different channels. We help you cut through the noise and focus only on relevant stories and their impact to make better communication strategies.

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Quantify your PR efforts and justify the media spends


We provide qualitative and quantitative measurements on your PR efforts are media strategies. We give you insights on awareness, channel, highlights, influence, emotions, virality, and engagement when it comes to your media presence.

What PR really needs is an impact measure and not just a performance graph. So, we use custom metrices that quantify the PR efforts and their impact as against the set KPIs. These custom metrics create a realistic view of how your media efforts have fared and which strategies have got you closer to your goals. The custom metrics lead to actionable insights that drive your corporate communication strategy. You can make data-backed strategic decisions for your media and PR strategies.

The relationship between traditional, digital, and social media has evolved into a complex ecosystem. This means the regular frameworks of PR measurement no longer suffice. We use advanced frameworks and proprietary methodologies that do justice to these complexities. Our frameworks are designed to work with structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, unify it, and process it for custom metrics.

Data is the starting point for any kind of analytics. However, data never sits in a silo. In fact, if data is looked at from a singular view, it can throw up misleading inferences. So, we don’t just look at the data but the context behind it. We perform a more context-based analysis to ensure you have the true understanding of PR impact. We modify our frameworks and methodologies based on the context of the data to generate more meaningful insights.

We don’t just analyze data to tell you how your PR or media strategies are performing. We analyze data to drive actions that can maximize your ROI from PR investments. We help you make data-backed strategic decisions when it comes to your corporate communications. Our actionable and relevant insights contribute directly to your decision-making process and help you address your challenges.

We help you track the efficacy of your PR messages through their journey across different channels. We don’t just stop at performance measurements. We also quantify the impact these messages have on your brand. We create a holistic view of your media efforts and measure a unified PR impact score across all the channels. We help you identify PR strategies that would maximize the positive impact on your brand reputation.

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We Work With


  • Quantify your efforts by tracking the ROI from media communications
  • Make every single PR dollar count
  • Identify key influencers from traditional and social media and reach out to them
  • Improve the effectiveness of your communication programs
  • Make informed strategic decisions

We Work With

PR Agencies

  • Account Acquisition Stage: Offer insights into key industry trends, brand perception, and an ideal media strategy.
  • Account Maintenance Stage: Help identify key influencers, offer channel breakout, deliver real-time alerts, and benchmark results against goals.
  • Account Renewal Stage: Present an overview of performance by using visual dashboards, quantify efforts, and track ROI.